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Today, freestyle footballer Jamie Knight had a session with Terns to teach us some sporty skills. Whilst the inspirational, resilient Jamie Knight was waiting our class entered with enthusiasm and excitement. We are so lucky to have had this amazing session because I learnt a lot of tricks and tips.

We learnt a variety of fantastic, fun tricks including the rocket launcher and the roll and heel.

By Maryam


Today, freestyle footballer Jamie Knight came to New Town to teach us some skills.

Before he came, we watched a video of him and we were really impressed about what he could do. My teacher talked to us about him, he was on Ireland’s Got Talent and performs.

I thought that he was really talented and resilient.

During the session, he showed us some of his tricks with some matching music on. I was really impressed and I couldn’t believe what he was doing. He also had a lot of control of the ball. We all clapped our hands with joy and happiness because he deserved it.

In the future, I will practise at home and when I get all the tricks it will be magnificent and I will do it hastily.

We did seven tricks and tried to do them perfectly and tried harder again if we didn’t get the trick.

By Harriet