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Covid 19: When to keep your child at home

If your child or any member of your household has symptoms of Covid 19 the whole household must stay at home (self-isolate) and seek an immediate PCR test at a local test centre.



If your child or any member of your household has any of these symptoms, the whole household should be self-isolating and seeking an immediate test.

 1. cough   

2. fever   

3. a lack of taste or smell

You should not bring your child or their siblings to school if they have any symptoms, even if accompanied by other symptoms like a runny nose.

All members of your household, even if they do not have symptoms, should stay at home

Please use phone or email to tell us about the absence: you should not come to school or leave your house apart from to get a test

You should immediately book a test online

Everyone has a responsibility to try to prevent the virus spreading, and to follow these rules.

Please read the guidance about what to do in this situation:

To book a test please visit

Please ensure that the household all stay at home and do not have visitors until your test results are back.

Pupils can return to school with a negative PCR test (and when they are feeling better) or following 10 days of self-isolation if they do not have the PCR test.