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New Town Primary School Nurturing Brilliance, Inspiring Ambition

Class Structure

FOUNDATION STAGE - Ducklings and Peacocks

The Foundation Stage consists of a morning and afternoon Nursery session and two Reception Classes, one of which is a mixed FS1 & FS2 class.

Ducklings is the name for our mixed nursery and reception class and is taught by Miss Marcham. Please see the school information pages for Nursery admissions information.

Our Peacocks Reception class is taught by Miss Anker. 

LOWER SCHOOL - Robins, Wrens, Pelicans and Puffins

The year one classes are Robins taught by Miss Kholodziejczyk and Wrens taught by Miss Geary. 

Pelicans (Year 2) are taught by Miss Lambe and Puffins (Year 2) by Mrs Younis-Zaman.  

MIDDLE SCHOOL - Flamingos, Parakeets and Hummingbirds

Years 3 and 4 and taught in mixed classes. Our Flamingos class is taught by Miss Lewis, Parakeets by Miss Feehely and Hummingbirds by Miss Markwell. 

UPPER SCHOOL- Toucans and Kittiwakes

There are two classes in Upper School. One class in , Toucans and two classes in Year Six, Kingfishers and Kittiwakes.

Year 5 Toucans are taught by Mrs Farahani & Mrs Ryley.

Year 6 Kittiwakes are taught by Mr Stoves.