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New Town Primary School Nurturing Brilliance, Inspiring Ambition

Class Structure 2022-23

FOUNDATION STAGE ONE - Saplings and Seedlings

Foundation Stage One consists of a morning and afternoon Nursery session.

Saplings and Seedlings is our nursery class and taught by Mrs Gibson. Please see the school information pages for Nursery admissions information.

FOUNDATION STAGE TWO - Conkers and Acorns

Foundation Stage Two consists of two Reception classes.

Miss Marcham teaches our Conkers Reception class and Mrs Phillips teaches our Acorns Reception class. 

KS1 - Ash, Alder, Birch and Blackthorn

Year one pupils in Ash are taught by Miss Geary and pupils Alder by Miss Hester.

Year two pupils in Birch are taught by Miss Burgess and pupils in Blackthorn are taught by Mrs Younis-Zaman. 

Lower KS2 - Chestnut, Cherry, Hazel and Hornbeam

Year three pupils in Chestnut are taught by Miss Burbidge and pupils in Cherry by Miss Lambe. 

Year four pupils in Hazel are taught by Miss Fudge and pupils in Hornbeam by Mrs Harrowell.

Upper KS2 - Maple, Mulberry, Willow and Walnut

Year five pupils in Maple are taught by Mrs Kolodziejczyk and pupils in Mulberry by Mr Groves.

Year six pupils in Willow are taught by Mrs Farahani and pupils in Walnut by Mrs Wollard. 

Please see our class transition documents below to meet the teachers.