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New Town Primary School Nurturing Brilliance, Inspiring Ambition


‘A challenging and engaging curriculum, tailored to the unique needs of our school, ensures that all the requirements of the government are met as set out in the National Curriculum.’

Our curriculum was redesigned two years ago and has been carefully planned to encourage creativity and enquiry as well as allowing teachers to be flexible when planning their unit of work. Science and most foundation subjects will have some correlation, wherever possible, to establish cross curricular links, as well helping pupils develop a cohesive understanding of all subjects. Where possible we have taken into consideration our unique locality and the diversity of our school. For example Asia and Africa are given time to be studied encouraging children to embrace their heritage and for others to appreciate the differences in other cultures. In KS1 children have a chance to look at their local area and what makes it important. All topics encourage questioning and enquiry and a gaining of knowledge and can be adapted or adjusted according to interest and need.


Each phase of the school has its own curriculum which runs on a two year rolling plan. This enables phases to work together on enrichments activities such as visits, field work and arranging for workshops in school. Year groups within phases work together on the same topic; this system is particularly important as we now have several mixed age classes across the school. 

Recently we have tried to ensure that five stimulating and exciting elements are included when planning each topic: a memorable experience; an innovative challenge; a book to read, something to investigate and parental involvement. In this way we hope that work will become more engaging and that children will be encouraged to work independently to deepen their knowledge and understanding.


Learning at home- ‘Our Learning’ is also linked to the topic and allows children to choose what they do and for parents to become involved with the learning process.


Subject leaders have all written a progression of skills for their subject and teachers are now ensuring that, when planning work, it is challenging and that new skills are being taught. Currently we are working on producing Knowledge Organisers for each topic across the school. These will ensure that teachers are clear about what knowledge they should teach and what children should know by the end of the unit. As a result planning should be easier and more purposeful. The first of these organisers are already in use.

We are constantly looking to improve and refine our curriculum and as such we involve all stakeholders in regularly reviewing its effectiveness. If you would like to find out more information please contact Mrs Nash, PA to the Headteacher on 0118 937 5509.


Please note our Curriculum uses the Letters & Sounds phonics package and the Somerset Literacy Package.