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New Town Primary School Nurturing Brilliance, Inspiring Ambition


Here at New Town we frequently receive very positive feedback from parents and visitors alike.  We also have an open-door policy to be able to maintain great communication with our families: we are committed to sorting out issues or problems positively and calmly together, and build the trust between school and home.

We carry out an annual survey for parents and pupils and the results are attached below from our Autumn 2022 survey.


We love the educational support and the hand-on efforts by the teachers, and the encouragement to do well at school through certificates and house points. Parent (2022)

I think all the staff at New Town have given more than 100% of their effort, so all of them are very special to me. Parent (2022)

The school leaders are really approachable and smiley. They always make time to help the students and the parents.  Parent (2022)

I think in general all teaching and non-teaching staff are doing extremely well. They are so kind in answering our queries.  Parent (2022)

Mrs Phillips has been great in giving me reassurance with any queries we have. She takes extra care to speak to my daughter and encourage her to come into the classroom. Parent (2022)

Mrs Lambe has been really exceptional, and has given care and attention to my son with his development. Parent (2022)

Mrs Manson was very supportive with my child’s transition into this year group. Parent (2022)

My son talks so much about his teacher Mr Groves, and he is excited to go to school every day and learn new things. Parent (2022)

My daughter looks forward to going to school. This all says about how much she loves the school. Discipline, no discrimination, teaching methods etc. all the good points I want to mention. I was so much impressed school was able to adopt online teaching quickly. Parent-teacher communication is good. Office staff does fantastic job. They acknowledge every request/ concern. Parent (2021)

“You have super keen, super committed, reflective subject leaders” School improvement partner, Brighter Futures for Children (2021).

Your team’s commitment and organisation are second to none! At least 5 team members helping with the queue, clearing as you go, looking after the pupils – and you can tell that this makes such a big difference, for both the pupils and the kitchen team. Queue times were kept low and noise levels too. School Meals Support Co-ordinator (2021)

New Town values child personal development. They are given space for them to learn and improve. Parent (2021)

We are made to feel very welcome. My daughter says she “loves school to play with friends”. I feel confident she is well looked after. Parent (2021)

Just to say how much we enjoyed Friday. The Year 6 pupils were delightful and extremely well-mannered and behaved. They are a credit to you all at New Town.

We do not normally work with pupils as young as Year 6, so we hope your students found it rewarding.

Faculty Manager, Activate Learning, Reading following their ‘Hey Clay!’ workshop. (2021)


Parents can also submit their views to Ofsted at  Welcome to Ofsted Parent View | Ofsted Parent View .