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New Town Primary School Nurturing Brilliance, Inspiring Ambition

Maths at New Town

In New Town we recognise that mathematics is an amazing subject that is used every day and everywhere in the world around us. It crosses language and culture barriers and can be enjoyed and understood by everyone.

Here in New Town, we follow the ‘White Rose' scheme of work which gives our children the required skills and knowledge set out in the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014.

Maths is taught every day, both as part of daily maths lessons and through our broad and balanced curriculum. We encourage the use of equipment to fully embed mathematical understanding throughout all the year groups so that our children have the skillset to be able to access and thrive in their mathematics learning at secondary school and beyond.

Further to this, we want our children to develop an enjoyment of maths and mathematical problems just as we would for all the other subjects.

You can support your child at home in many ways.

Every child is provided with ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ and ‘Purple Mash’ logins for access at home as well as at school.

Times Tables Rock Stars
Purple Mash
BBC Bitesize
Number Bots  

There are many more online resources to help children, but don’t overlook the interactive ways you can enjoy maths as a family, to help them gain a strong understanding of basic maths facts.

  • Help them learn their number bonds and times tables by creating fun competitions or charts to track their progress with you

  • Play games with them: board games with dice that help them count, up to more complex games such as monopoly, dominos or using packs of cards

  • Weave maths into the everyday - following recipes, looking at numbers or shapes in the world around us, or calculating answers to every day, real-life problems helps children to contextualise their learning.