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Our New Town Dog

We have an exciting new member of our school community joining us- Our new School Dog, Rosie.

Rosie is a small, 8-year-old, Jack Russell cross who loves people. 

Children will receive invitations to come and work with Rosie once parents and carers have given consent. 

Rosie, will of course, always have an adult with her when she is working with children.

There are many benefits to having an animal in school, some are:

  1. A greater enjoyment of being in the school environment, improved attendance and a greater willingness to learn and participate. 
  2. Improved behaviour, social interaction and sense of responsibility in the classroom. 
  3. More effective therapy sessions. Pupils also achieve more complex goals when a school dog joins their sessions. 
  4. Increased knowledge of dogs and how to behave safely and appropriately around them. 
  5. They gain a better understanding of how to take responsibility for another living being. This, potentially, gives them better recognition of their own responsibilities. 
  6. Improvements in the way students interact with each other and with members of staff. The exciting part of this is that these effects extend into the home environment for some students. 

As a school we have risk assessed the presence of having a dog on site and staff members agree with the positive outcomes that can be gained from an animal’s presence.

Not all children will be invited to come and work with Rosie, but if your child shows a particular interest, please do let us know and we will find a time for them to come and see her.