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Remote Learning

Where guidance is issued by the government to close the school, or health and safety reasons mean it would not be safe to open, we will provide 'remote learning' to pupils, meaning they can take part in learning even if school is closed.  We fully understand that in these circumstances, which are often unplanned and for emergency reasons, it is unlikely that families will have access to a vast range of materials or learning resources.  We also know that many families may not have a suitable device (tablet, laptop etc.) or internet access for children to access their learning on or through.  Therefore any remote learning we provide will be sensitive to the above restrictions.

Where the school is closed for 3 or less days, we aim to provide a set of activities such as reading and practising basic maths skills each day, as well as a set of open-ended projects which children can choose from.  This may include projects which siblings from several year groups can work on together should they wish, and again will ensure that families do not have unreasonable requests made of them in order to complete projects or tasks.  Where possible, these will be broad tasks, require few or a choice of readily-available materials and allow pupils a choice of how to present work.   These will not require screen-time to complete.

Where the school is closed for more than 3 days, we would aim to offer a more comprehensive package of support and learning, dependent on the circumstance and access to online programs.

Where required, remote learning will be emailed out to parents in Years 1 - 6, and Foundation Stage children will receive this through Tapestry.

Please note that we are unable to provide remote learning for leaves of absence for pupils which are unauthorised, such as extended family holidays, or time abroad.  All pupils should attend school, in line with our attendance policy. Remote education is not viewed as an equal alternative to attendance in school.  Advice from our Attendance Support Worker is that we should not provide remote learning where unauthorised absence is taken, as this is not effective in mitigating the impact of the absence and should not allow these absences to be considered as any less harmful.