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Statutory Assessment Testing takes place for children in Year Six and Year Two, in May and June time.  These are national tests set by the government, that all children in the UK must sit.  They help us and the government to benchmark how your child is progressing and learning: however, we know and believe our children are much more than a test score.  Whilst we want to give the children the best opportunity to do well in their tests, our curriculum will not be narrowed in these year groups and we will not 'teach to the test', because we place much more value in developing each and every child through a broad and balanced offering of subjects and learning.

In Year Two the tests are conducted in a less formal way, and many children do not even know they are taking a test.

Year Six children take a proportionate but more applied approach to the tests, and will have more specific preparation to help them to do well.  This will include using revision books throughout the year, and in some cases, attending booster sessions to help them to work on specific areas of subjects in very small group or individually.  However, what we really aim for in Year Six is that our children develop the independence, resilience and confidence to take their next steps into Secondary school successfully, and that we help them to be well-rounded and 'good' people who can contribute to their communities and society around them. 

In both year groups, you will be informed by the end of the academic year how your child has done, and what progress they have made.

Below is some more information about the Year Six SATs tests for parents.