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New Town Primary School Nurturing Brilliance, Inspiring Ambition


If  you are interested in working at New Town Primary School our vacancies are detailed on the contact us page, under 'Work with us'. 


Leadership Structure

Headteacher Miss P. Cornish
Deputy Headteacher Mrs K. Hawkins
Assistant Headteacher Mrs H. Appleton
Finance Manager Mr D. Shepherd
School Operations Manager Mrs C. Long
Foundation Stage Leader Miss L. Marcham
Key Stage One Leader Miss N. Lambe
Lower Key Stage Two Leader Mrs E. Farahani
Upper Key Stage Two Leader Mr G. Stoves
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Ms K. Rex

Teaching Structure  

Year Group Class Name Teacher
FS1  Ducklings Miss C. Anker
FS2 Parrots Miss L Marcham
FS2 Peacocks Miss S. Phillips
Y1 Wrens Miss J. Kolodziejczyk
Y1 Robins Miss S. Hester
Y2 Puffins Miss S. Geary
Y2 Pelicans Miss N. Lambe
Y3  Flamingos Mrs E. Farahani
Y3 Parakeets Miss C. Feehely
Y4 Hummingbirds Mrs T Younis Zaman
Y4 Kookaburra Mrs C. Harrowell
Y5 & 6 Toucans Miss A. Lewis 
Y5 & 6 Kittiwakes Mr G. Stoves
Y5 & 6 Kingfishers Miss L. Burgess
  The Nest  Mrs N Begum and Miss K Sumner

Teaching Assistants and Support Staff

Mr T. Oblekowski  RWI tutoring
Miss E. Brady Foundation Stage
Mrs A. Muddana Foundation Stage
Ms D. Bolt KS1 support
Mrs M. Corner KS1 support
Mrs S. Khan KS2 support
Mrs V. Sreenivas KS2 support
Mrs M. Aston Pastoral team
Mrs S. Walia Pastoral team
Michelle Manson Pastoral team
Sandy Williams HLTA
Mrs M. Shackelton, Mrs S. Raziq, Mr A. McPherson, Mrs Ho Midday Supervisors
Mr M. Fane Caretaker
Mrs D. Clark, Mrs S. Fennell, Mrs H. Simmons Office Team
Mrs M. Kak IT Support