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New Town Primary School Nurturing Brilliance, Inspiring Ambition


New Town Primary School is a very special place where we believe all of our children, whatever their background, have a right to good quality education and to shine as young people.  Our school is proud to be a safe haven for the children of New Town, and we are very lucky to be located next to the canal in a beautiful Victorian building, filled with light, space and fantastic opportunity. Throughout our school we develop our children academically, behaviourally and spiritually. The staff here at New Town are committed to working hard and doing the best for everyone who belongs to our school family.

New Town is blessed to have a wide range of children and families from different nationalities, and we celebrate our diversity of faiths and experiences of different cultures throughout our school.  We have a strong commitment to pastoral care at New Town, and nurture the brilliance we see in every one of our pupils through investing in great relationships, and keeping kindness and respect at the heart of what we do.  Our school family is a special community to belong to, and we hope to inspire every one of our pupils to be ambitious and aspirational in their primary years and beyond.

We are very proud to be part of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust, which is a Multi Academy Trust, where Education is at its best when we work together with our families who can help us to make the best of every learning opportunity establishing clear links between celebrating achievements at home as well as at school.  We are committed to an open door policy where parents and families are encouraged to talk to us and exchange information so that we can create a seamless and supportive relationship between home and school.

Our aim is to provide an education that helps our children develop aspirations for themselves and the wider community, values that will enable them to be responsible and positive members of society and a deep-rooted belief that they can achieve excellence in anything they choose to do.

At New Town Primary School, we believe strongly in the power of high expectations of our children and of ourselves.  We know that every child has their own potential, and we are determined to help them fulfil it. Our goal is that the education a child receives at our schools sustains them as they move on to their next stage of learning and from there, enter the world of work or of further study. We are fully committed to helping our children become aspirational and optimistic and to make the positive and responsible decisions that will mould them independent, confident and engaged members of society.

New Town is an inclusive community, and we are proud of the diversity and togetherness of our children. Building good relationships, based on trust and respect, among those who learn and work here is essential in achieving this. We aim to extend those positive relationships into the wider community, to engage with our families and to help them to support their children.

We welcome you to our wonderful school family.